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    The other day I found my copy of Monstrous Regiment. Upon rereading it, I discovered a whole new side to the story (specifically, Polly's story). 
   Polly is one of my favorite characters in all of Discworld. Not only is she a very strong, likeable, humorous character, she also demonstrates very well one of the best ways to make a good story: the character arc. 
    In the beginning of the book, all Polly wants is to find her big brother, Paul, and bring him home. She enlists in the army as a boy, goes on a huge adventure, meets a lot of other secretly female soldiers, saves the day, and finds Paul. But, in the end, the journey changed her: she doesn't want to go home anymore. She's found Paul, but that's not enough.
    And that's what the character arc is. The character goes from something (a girl who wants to keep her brother safe) to something that's true to themselves (a soldier). Polly demonstrates this beautifully and clearly, but she's not the only character that has a character arc in Terry Pratchett's books. Most good books' main characters go through an arc.
   What other Terry Pratchett characters can  you think of that have character arcs?


I agree Polly totally rocks -Terry Pratchett writes amazing female characters that you love and aspire to!


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