Gytha 'Nanny' Ogg

7/15/2012 20:22:54


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Since I've already talked about one witch this weekend (yesterday I posted about Granny), I'll talk about another one today.
    Like Granny, Nanny is a very atypical old lady. She does have children (and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and so on), and she does act very grandmotherly to them, but she also drinks a lot, has a very scary cat, and goes on exciting magical adventures.
    Nanny is almost the exact opposite of Granny. She's a grandmother stereotype taken to the extreme, while Granny is the extreme opposite of that grandmother stereotype. Nanny laughs and gets drunk; Granny drinks tea and spends her evenings silently contemplating events. Nanny has innumerable children and gives them lots of candy; Granny has none and treats children like adults. They're completely different, but they're also best friends.
    And yet again, Terry Pratchett has created a character that defies stereotypes.
    What other characters can you think of that defy stereotypes like Granny and Nanny? Tell me in the comments!

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