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For those of you new to the realm of Discworld, Granny Weatherwax probably sounds like a little old lady who lives in a cottage surrounded by grandchildren.
    Well, she does live in a cottage, so you got that right. But you probably didn't get anything else, because Granny defies the grandmother stereotype with every step. She's a witch, possibly the best, and she doesn't bow to anyone.
    She perhaps embodies Terry Pratchett's style of creating characters that go against common stereotypes. That style adds a lot in both humor and depth to Terry's books. It gives him plenty of content to make you laugh over, in addition to a lot to think over in view of people in our own world.     Reading about Granny made me think about all the little old women we see everyday. What's their story? How did they get to where they are today? Almost everyone has a story, but often we don't look deep enough to see it. In Discworld, many people are fooled by Granny's appearance into underestimating her only to realize their mistake too late.
    What's your favorite/least favorite thing about Granny? Comment and tell me your opinion!

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    July 2012